A $10 Scope

My B+K 1435 Oscilloscope went down over Thanksgiving weekend. Really, it went down – it fell against my chair (I shouldn’t keep it propped up like that, I guess). However – the “A” channel input went bad. I took it all apart – screws everywhere on the carpet.

I was so close to parting it out then W5AAN (Ginger) urged me to keep trying on fixing it. Turns out these old scopes are old-school. The traces are nice & wide and the parts aren’t surface mount (SMT). I wound up fixing a total of three problems with it.

The pot for the “A” channel vertical positioning had two broken traces right near the pot. I was able to easily scrape and short ’em with a bit of component lead wire. Soldered those on and it worked just great.

Got it all back together and found that now the “B” channel didn’t work. Well by this time, I know where everything is – opened it back up and the lead to the center conductor on the BNC connector had broken. Soldered THAT back into place and now the scope works great.

It works so well I’m considering buying some new Gel batteries for it – it’s a portable model and while it was all apart, I tested the charge circuit to be working.

Perseverance. My $10 scope soldiers on…

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