8 thoughts on “Scanning the RCA Radio & TV Course, 1958 Edition”

  1. Hello Mike,
    I have been stopping by your site for off & on for a couple of years after the RCA Radio 1958 Course disappeared. Was studying the lessons but did not (unfortunately) did not download lessons beyond the ones I was studying.
    Now it looks like they are coming back! 🙂
    Will continue stopping by to see when they are available. Any time-estimate?

    They were most helpful learning material; much appreciate what you were able to do.


    1. Yeah – I’m putting them back on as fast as I can, now.
      I’m sorry that I had to put a CAPTCHA in-line with them all, and hide their locations to keep the auto-downloading down.

      1. Hi Mike,

        First of all, thank you so much for your efforts toward helping people like myself (earnest but unschooled) access what seems to be a great course.

        The way you wrote that last reply sounds like there might already be some lessons available somewhere on your site. Don’t mind the captcha and totally understand why you’d need to do that. But when you say you’ve had to hide their locations…what does that mean?

        Warm regards,
        Patrick Taylor

    2. It means that if I put the files in a ‘recognizable, fixed location’ – like:

      ‘whatever.com/myfiles/RCA Cource/No. 1 how …blahblah…pdf’ –
      …and so on.
      Then: there are reprobates out there, for whatever reason, that setup scripts to download these over… and over… and over… and over…and over… and over… and over… basically slurping up my entire bandwidth allotment and CPU Time.

      I first got a notice from the ISP (SiteGround – excellent hosting, btw), Nov “15, ‘hey, your CPU is 98% of max – we have to shut off your account’. A quick examination of logs shows IPs in Ukraine, China, etc., downloading these (pretty large) PDFs over & over… (see: above). Constantly. Several times a day.

      I know – seems… brainless.
      But, it’s probably some automated script and once it has picked up the download and it’s running, no one looks at it again.
      Anyway – I can’t just allow an A HREF=”” link point to these files any more. So sad. Abusers F*ck up everything, basically. So, now whoever ACTUALLY wants to download a copy, to go thru on their own time… has to do the ‘CAPTCHA’. We’ll see how this holds up.
      Other A-holes have downloaded the entire set(s), burned to CDs and offer them for sale on eBay.
      There ya go.
      I should have both RCAs up this week. Been busy at work.

      1. Hi, Mike,

        Thanks so much for your reply and for the explanation of why you have to hide the files and why captcha is needed. So sorry that happened to you. What a drag. People sure can suck.

        Please know that I am NOT trying hassle you but I feel like I’m missing something regarding how to download the RCAs. The page on your site seems to be disabled. Could you point me in the right direction? (Assuming, of course, that you’ve had time to upload them.)

        Thank you!


        1. Well, that’s odd.
          Whole page? Or, certain links?
          If you can send me ‘which docs’ aren’t completing download, I can see what the problem is.
          Is JavaScript enabled? I know that google’s RECAPTCHA relies on that a bit..

          No worries, no hassle…
          I think I have about 10 or 12 of (one of) the RCA sets I need to finish putting up. It was kind of a bit of tooling to get done and I think I missed ’em..

          Mike Y

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