NRI Radio Servicing, 1949

“How to Make Extra Money Fixing Radios”

National Radio Institute (NRI), 1949 Edition

The National Radio Institute (NRI) was a private post-secondary correspondence school based in Washington, D.C. NRI was founded by James E. Smith, a high school teacher, in 1914. McGraw-Hill purchased NRI in 1968, and ceased operations March 31, 2002. (From wikipedia)

This was a find on a well-known auction website.
Each booklet is about 4 1/2″ x 8″, about 20 to 21 pages in length, and have black & white illustrations sprinkled throughout. Accompanying the booklets were some additional materials, some including the mailing envelopes with the name of the fellow who originally bought the set from NRI, Mr. Ilber Yoder of Ohio. I don’t think all of the booklets were opened; they’re in excellent shape.

All documents open in a new window. Many thanks to Forums (ARF) for the genesis of the idea to put these online. I’ve scanned these myself. More to come, as I scan them.


All of the booklets were scanned at 150 dpi, greyscale. Diagrams and graphics look pretty good,
but photos are half-toned and these are less successfully recorded. These booklets were printed on
essentially, a type of newsprint, and scan quality is limited by the quality of the 63-year-old
booklets. What you see is pretty much what is on the page.

Scanning and Preparation Tools are:
Canon CanoScan LIDE 20 attached to a PC running Ubuntu 11.10 on
a dual-core, AMD-64 motherboard, using
Simple Scan for scanning and PDFMod for building PDFs
and arranging pages in PDF Output.
GIMP Image Editor 2.6.11 was used for any touch-up or image scaling.

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