2 thoughts on “FM Stereo Broadcaster Makes Hack-a-Day.”

    1. Ah – yes, better to use their breakout board, but I see they don’t HAVE a breakout board for it.
      Well, I’ve done something similar with little BlueTooth modules from China. You’ll just have to (carefully) solder a wire to each of the copper contacts – use bare buss wire, small gauge – like 24ga or 26 ga. Then put them on some sort of perf board or maybe a DIP socket – with a DIP socket, you won’t have to solder it again, which will keep the existing solder points from melting.

      I have no recommendations or help.
      BEST OPTION: would be to create a PCB for it, tack it in place with glue and use solder paste (melted, say on a hot plate) to tie down all the spots. This would be the optimal solution, particularly if you’re doing – 80 of ’em.
      Faster too. Except you’ll have to build a PCB for it (using KiCad, Eagle, etc…).

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