5 thoughts on “FM Stereo Broadcaster Makes Hack-a-Day.”

    1. Ah – yes, better to use their breakout board, but I see they don’t HAVE a breakout board for it.
      Well, I’ve done something similar with little BlueTooth modules from China. You’ll just have to (carefully) solder a wire to each of the copper contacts – use bare buss wire, small gauge – like 24ga or 26 ga. Then put them on some sort of perf board or maybe a DIP socket – with a DIP socket, you won’t have to solder it again, which will keep the existing solder points from melting.

      I have no recommendations or help.
      BEST OPTION: would be to create a PCB for it, tack it in place with glue and use solder paste (melted, say on a hot plate) to tie down all the spots. This would be the optimal solution, particularly if you’re doing – 80 of ’em.
      Faster too. Except you’ll have to build a PCB for it (using KiCad, Eagle, etc…).

  1. Hi Mike – thanks for the FAST reply!

    They do/did have a breakout board, actually – https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/8482
    I stubbornly bought the chip itself (20x of them!) as a challenge. I don’t like to take shortcuts if I can help it – so far, I may have proven that I should have taken the shortcut.

    Being unfamiliar with most of the terms in the rest of your reply – I had to Google and realize that I’m probably not up to snuff on how to achieve each of your recommendations.

    I appreciate the reply. If okay, I’d like to post what I’m up against, what I’ve done so far, and ask what you might best recommend given my lack of expertise here.


    1. Heh – well, you can carefully solder little leads (bare wire would be fine, if you have it) at each point.
      Once you have all the ‘pins’ extended out with some wire, you could then mount them.
      You don’t have to mount it flush; if you leave a 1/4″ or 1/2″ spacing, then you can solder the other ends to some proto-board.
      Solder the ‘ends’ quickly – that way they won’t get hot enough to melt the solder at the chip. It’s tricky, but that can be done. And – after the first one, you’ll find it easier to do the rest.
      BEST would be to make a PC board, but – eh, that’s a lot of trouble.

    2. I guess I should buy a handful – I see they’re only $1.35 now wow.
      You can afford to mess a couple up at that price.
      You could do the opposite, too: solder (looks like 7 one side, 8 the other) 15 small wires in place, then set the IC in place and (quickly!) solder the 15 spots to the wires. Minimum solder, hot iron – just a touch at each spot.

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