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Results by Category: 1.2 — antennas and transmission lines - high-frequency antennas

Article Author Page Issue
Big beam for 10 metersK6KA32Mar 68
Whips and loops as apartment antennasW2EEY80Mar 68
Folded mini-monopole antennaW6SAI32May 68
Simple 1-, 2- and 3-band antennasW9EGQ54Jul 68
Three-band ground planeW6HPH32Oct 68
Dipole sloping inverted-veeW6NIF48Feb 69
Dipole antennas on non-harmonic frequencies (HN)W2CTK72Mar 69
High-frequency amateur antennasW2WLR28Apr 69
Vertical, top-loaded 80 meterVE1TG48Jun 69
Stub bandswitched antennasW2EEY50Jul 69
Bobtail curtain array, forty-meterVE1TG58Jul 69
Quad antenna, multibandDJ4VM41Aug 69
Mono-loop antenna (HN)W8BW70Sep 69
High-frequency diversity antennasW2WLR28Oct 69
Longwire multiband antennaW3FQJ28Nov 69
Converted-vee, 80 and 40 meterW6JKR18Dec 69
Unidirectional antenna for the low-frequency bandsGW3NJY61Jan 70
Antenna systems for 80 and 40 metersK6KA55Feb 70
Beam for ten meters, economicalW1FPF54Mar 70
Dual-band antennas, compactW6SAI18Mar 70
Vertical beam antenna, 80 meterVE1TG26May 70
Cubical-quad antennas, unusualW1DTY6May 70
Beam antenna, improved triangular shapedW6DL20May 70
Multiband dipoles for portable useW6SAI12May 70
Receiving antennasK6ZGQ56May 70
All band antenna portable (HN)W2INS68Jun 70
Cubical-quad antenna design parametersK6OPZ55Aug 70
Compact antennas for 20 metersW4ROS38May 71
Inverted-vee antenna (letter)WB6AQF66May 71
Double bi-square arrayW6FFF32May 71
Ground-plane, multiband (HN)JA1QIY62May 71
Triangle antennasW3FQJ56Aug 71
Army loop antenna - revisitedW3FQJ59Sep 71
Vertical for 80 meters, top-loadedW2MB20Sep 71
Inverted-vee antenna, modifiedW2KTW40Oct 71
Triangle antennas (letter)K4ZZV72Nov 71
Triangle beamsW3FQJ70Dec 71
Beverage antennaW3FQJ67Dec 71
Army loop antenna - revisitedAdded notes64Jan 72
Curtain antenna (HN)W4ATE66May 72
Ground plane, three-bandLA1EI6May 72
All-band phased-verticalWA7GXO32May 72
Small-loop antennasW4YOT36May 72
Antenna potpourriW3FQJ54May 72
Triangle antennasW6KIW58May 72
Vertical dipole, gamma-loop-fedW6SAI19May 72
Vertical antenna, low-bandW4IYB70Jul 72
Log-periodic, three-bandW4AEO28Sep 72
Dipole, all-band tunedZS6BT22Oct 72
160 meters with 40-meter verticalW2IMB34Oct 72
Ground plane, three-bandFootnote: letter65Oct 72
Dipole pairs, low SWRW6FPO42Oct 72
Mobile antenna, helically woundZE6JP40Dec 72
Ground plane, three-bandCorrection91Dec 72
Simple antennas for 40 and 80W5RUB16Dec 72
DX antenna, single-elementW6FHM52Dec 72
Sloping dipolesW5RUB19Dec 72
Vertical radiatorsW4OQ16Apr 73
Antenna, 3.5 MHz, for a small lotW6AGX28May 73
Suitcase antenna, high-frequencyVK5BI61May 73
Coaxial dipole, multiband (HN)W4BDK71May 73
Log-periodic antennas, 7-MHzW4AEO16May 73
Vertical-tower antenna systemW4OQ56May 73
Sloping dipolesPerformance: letter76May 73
Tailoring your antenna, how toKH6HDM34May 73
Low-mounted antennasW3FQJ66May 73
Log-periodic antenna, 14, 21 and 28 MHzW4AEO18Aug 73
Log-periodic antennas, vertical monopole, 3.5 and 7.0 MHzW4AEO44Sep 73
DX antenna, single-elementPerformance: letter65Oct 73
Zepp antenna, extendedW6QVI48Dec 73
Windom antenna, four-bandW4VUO62Jan 74
Vertical antennas, performance characteristicsW7LR34Mar 74
Vertical antenna radiation patternsW7LR50Apr 74
Log-periodic feeds (letter)W4AEO66May 74
160-meter loop, receivingK6HTM46May 74
Log-periodic beam, 15 and 20 metersW4AEO6May 74
Vertical antenna, three-bandW9BQE44May 74
Horizontal antennas, vertical radiation patternsWA9RQY58May 74
Dipole beamW3FQJ56Jun 74
Horizontal antennas, optimum height forW7LR40Jun 74
Windom antenna, four-bandCorrection: letter74Sep 74
Cubical-quad antennas, mechanical design ofVE3II44Oct 74
Log-periodic antennas, feed system forW4AEO30Oct 74
Vertical antennas, improving performance ofK6FD54Dec 74
Satellite antenna, simple (HN)WA6PXY59Feb 75
Phased vertical array, four-elementW8HXR24May 75
Log-periodic beams, improved (letter)W4AEO74May 75
Phased array, electrically-controlledW5TRS52May 75
Log-periodic antennas, graphical design method forW4AEO14May 75
Shunt-feed systems for grounded vertical radiators, how to designW4OQ34May 75
Loop receiving antennaW2IMB66May 75
Large vertical, 160 and 180 metersW7IV8May 75
Cubical quad, three-bandW1HXU22Jul 75
Four-band wire antennaW3FQJ53Aug 75
Loop receiving antennaCorrection58Dec 75
Horizontal-antenna gain at selected vertical radiation anglesW7LR54Feb 76
Corner-fed loop, low frequencyZL1BN30Apr 76
Loop-yagi antennasVK2ZTB30May 76
Telephone-wire antenna (HN)K9TBD70May 76
ZL special antenna, understanding theWA6TKT38May 76
Collinear, six-element forW0YBF22May 76
Inverted-vee Installation, Improved low-band (HN)W9KNI68May 76
Selective antenna system minimizes unwanted signalsW5TRS28May 76
Cubical quad, improved low-profile, three bandW1HXU25May 76
160-meter vertical, shortened (HN)W6VX72May 76
Inverted V or delta loop, how to add to towerK4DJC32Jul 76
Coaxial dipole antenna, analysis ofW2DU46Aug 76
Tuning aid for the sightless (HN)W6VX83Sep 76
Loop antennasW4OQ18Dec 76
Ground-plane antenna: history and developmentK2FF26Jan 77
Corner-fed loop, low frequencyinstallation modified41Feb 77
Phased vertical array, fine tuningW4FXE46May 77
Bobtail curtain arrayW8YFB81May 77
Phased array, design your ownK1AON78May 77
3.5-MHz phased horizontal arrayK4JC56May 77
Longwire antenna. new designK4EF10May 77
7-MHz short vertical antennaW8TYX60Jun 77
Mobile color code (letter)WB6JFD90Jan 78
Low-band antenna problem, solution toW8YFB46Jan 78
3.5-MHz tree-mounted ground-planeK2INA48May 78
Quad antenna, repairs (HN)K9MM87May 78
Windom antennasK4KJ10May 78
Multiband vertical antenna systemW0NCU28May 78
Selective receiving antennasW5TRS20May 78
Vertical antenna, portableWA8NWL48Jun 78
7-MHz antenna arrayK7CW30Aug 78
Quad antenna, modifiedZF1MA68Sep 78
14-MHz delta-loop arrayN2GW16Sep 78
Stressed quad (HN)W5TIU40Sep 78
Phased antenna (letter)Thacker, Jerry6Oct 78
Windom antenna (letter)K6KA6Nov 78
7-MHz rotary beamW7DI34Nov 78
Delta loop, top-loadedW1DTY57Dec 78
Small beams, high performanceG6XN12Mar 79
Folded umbrella antennaWB5IIR38May 79
Quads vs Yagis revisitedN6NB12May 79
3.5-MHz sloping antenna arrayW2LU70May 79
Multiband antenna systemVK2AOU62May 79
3.5-MHz broadband antennasN6RY44May 79
Beverage antenna for 40 metersKG6RT40Jul 79
Traps and trap antennasW8FX34Aug 79
Ground systems for vertical antennasWD8CBJ31Aug 79
Vertical antenna for 40 and 75 metersW6PYK44Sep 79
Compact loop antenna for 80 and 40 metersW6TC24Oct 79
Quads vs Yagis revisitedComments, WB6MMV, N6NB80Oct 79
Shunt-fed tower (HN)N6HZ74Nov 79
Log periodic designW6PYK, W4AEO34Dec 79
Pt. I Yagi antenna design: performance calculationsW2PV23Jan 80
Log-periodic antennas for high-frequency Amateur bandsW4AEO, W6PYK67Jan 80
Wilson Mark II and IV, modifications to (HN)W9EPT89Jan 80
Loop antenna, compact (letter)W6WR6Feb 80
Pt. II Yagi antenna design: experiments confirm computer analysisW2PV19Feb 80
Log-periodic fixed-wire beams for 75-meter DXW4AEO, W6PYK40Mar 80
Log-periodic fixed-wire beams for 40 metersW4AEO, W6PYK26Apr 80
ZL special antenna, 10-meter, for indoor useK5AN50May 80
High-gain phased array, experimentalKL7IEH44May 80
Quad, three-element, for 15-20 meters using circular elementsW4OVO12May 80
Big quad - small yardW6SUN56May 80
Pt. III Yagi antenna design: performance of multi-element simplistic beamsW2PV18May 80
High-frequency Yagi antennas, understackingW1XT62Jun 80
Phased vertical antenna for 21 MHzW6XM42Jun 80
Pt. IV Yagi antenna design: multi-element simplistic beamsW2PV33Jun 80
Open quad antennaI2RR36Jul 80
Pt. V Yagi antenna design: optimizing performanceW2PV18Jul 80
De-icing the quad (HN)W5TRS75Aug 80
Base-loaded vertical antenna for 160 metersW6XM64Aug 80
Pt. VI Yagi antenna design: quads and quagisW2PV37Sep 80
Pt. I Yagi antenna design: performance calculationsShort circuit66Sep 80
High-gain phased array, experimentalShort circuit67Sep 80
Pt. VII Yagi antenna design: ground or earth effectsW2PV29Oct 80
Quad, three-element switchable, for 40 metersN8ET26Oct 80
Folded end-fire radiatorN7WD44Oct 80
Quad variations, more (HN)W5TRS72Oct 80
Pt. VIII Yagi antenna design: stackingW2PV22Nov 80
Ground-mounted vertical for the lowerbands, improved (HN)W5NPD68Nov 80
Quad for 7-28 MHzW3NZ12Nov 80
Pt. IX Yagi antennas: practical designsW2PV30Dec 80
Triband Yagi beam (ham radio techniques)W6SAI68Jan 81
Yagi beam elements, aligning (HN)WA2SON79Jan 81
Butterfly beamW1XU30May 81
Phased vertical arrays, pattern calculations forWB5HGR40May 81
The K2GNC Giza beamK2GNC52May 81
Aligning Yagi beam elements (HN)WA2SON92May 81
Mobile high-frequency antenna, refinements toW3NZ34Jun 81
WBJK antenna, a new look atOD5CG60Jul 81
Dipole antenna, trimming the (HN)W5NPD69Jul 81
Two delta loops fed in phaseW8HXR60Aug 81
Half-wave verticalVE2CV36Sep 81
Ham radio techniquesW6SAI32Sep 81
Junk-box portable antennaW3SMT24Oct 81
Trapped antenna, trapping the mysteries ofN3GO10Oct 81
Suspended long Yagi (ham radio techniques)W6SAI34Nov 81
Half-square antenna, theN0AN48Dec 81
Six-element wide-beam for 10 (ham radio techniques)W6SAI30Dec 81
Trapped antenna, trapping the mysteries ofComments, K9CZB8Feb 82
Quad variations, more (HN)Short circuit70Feb 82
Dipole antenna over sloping groundN4HI18May 82
Quad owner switchesN6NB, W6AQ12May 82
Short antennas, efficiency ofW1GV/418Sep 82
K7CW quadK7CW36Sep 82
Half-square antenna, theShort circuit79Oct 82
Quad owner switchesComments, W6BQD8Dec 82
Bobtail curtain and inverted ground plane: part1Comments, WA7BPO82Feb 83
Bobtail curtain and inverted ground plane: part1W6BCX82Feb 83
Bobtail curtain and inverted ground plane: part2W6BCX28Mar 83
Debunking myths (letter)WB9VWA8Mar 83
Mobile vertical, 20-meterK9CZB26May 83
Four-vertical collinear element 20-meter arrayWA8DXB57May 83
Stagger-tuned dipoles increase band-widthK4MT22May 83
Log-Yagis simplifiedW3EB78May 83
Bobtail curtain and inverted ground plane: part2Short circuit16May 83
Short vertical antennas for low bands: part1W7DHD36May 83
Grounded monopole with elevated feedVE2CV87May 83
Vertical phased arrays: part1K2BT18May 83
Short vertical antennas for low bands: part2W7DHD17Jun 83
Yagis, designing with the Commodore 64WA3EKL59Jun 83
Making verticals quieterWA6RYZ98Jun 83
Vertical phased arrays: part2K2BT25Jun 83
Vertical phased arrays: part3K2BT26Jul 83
HF antenna (HN)W2GQK22Jul 83
Bobtail curtain and inverted ground plane: part2Comments, WA7BPO12Jul 83
Vertical phased arrays: part4K2BT34Oct 83
Vertical phased arrays: part3Short circuit70Oct 83
Bobtail curtain and inverted ground plane: part1Short circuit92Nov 83
Vertical phased arrays: part5K2BT59Dec 83
Vertical phased arrays: part4Short circuit11Dec 83
Ham radio techniques (01/84)W6SAI65Jan 84
Verticals over REAL groundWB9VWA35Jan 84
Ham radio techniques (02/84)W6SAI63Feb 84
Vertical phased arrays: part5Comments, W9OAM10Mar 84
Vertical phased arrays: part2Comments, W9OAM10Mar 84
3-element Yagi design, key toK3OQF48Mar 84
Vertical phased arrays: part4Comments, W9OAM10Mar 84
Vertical phased arrays: part1Comments, W9OAM10Mar 84
Vertical phased arrays: part3Comments, W9OAM10Mar 84
Ham radio techniques (03/84)W6SAI53Mar 84
Ham radio techniques (04/84)W6SAI76Apr 84
Vertical phased arrays: part6K2BT45May 84
Capacitively loaded dipole, high-performanceW6VX33May 84
Multiband 8JK, an end-fedG3SBA81May 84
40, 80, and 160-meter vertical, remote controlledW7LR38May 84
Ham radio techniques (02/84)Comments, K4KYV12May 84
Ham radio techniques, fifty years agoW6SAI58Jun 84
Inverted 'L' limited space (HN)W8FR63Jun 84
Ham radio techniques (07/84), 160 reduxW6SAI89Jul 84
Ham radio techniques (08/84)W6SAI96Aug 84
Modified Bobtail (HN)W0MBP87Sep 84
Ham radio techniques (02/84)Comments, WD6DUD8Sep 84
SEED antenna: a short, efficient end-fed dipoleW4JAZ103Sep 84
Ham radio techniques (01/84)Comments, WA2DRL8Sep 84
Top-loaded vertical, a high-efficiencyW6US65Oct 84
Ham radio techniques (10/84)W6SAI106Oct 84
Applied Yagi antenna design, part 6: the model and a special teaching toolWB3BGU89Oct 84
80-meter half-wave sloper uses reflector (HN)KO1F48Oct 84
Trap antenna, design your ownW4MB37Oct 84
Ham radio techniques (02/84)Comments, AD1G8Dec 84
Delta loop, the reduced-size, full-performance, corner-fedG3TKN67Jan 85
80-meter half-wave sloper uses reflector (HN)Short circuit8Feb 85
Rhombics, controlled vertical radiation, part 1: designing for high performanceN4UH100Mar 85
Rhombics, controlled vertical radiation, part 2: antenna erection and performanceN4UH99Apr 85
Transmission line antenna, 160-meterN9NB87May 85
JR vari-lobe antenna, control your take-off angleW1JF46May 85
Terminated vee beam, slopingRoss, Robert71May 85
End-fed 8JK; switchable vertical arrayW1JF53May 85
Yagis, stacking is a scienceK1FO18May 85
Phased arrays, feeding: an alternative methodKB8I58May 85
Active antenna, 0.5-30 MHzK1ZJH37May 85
Active antenna, 0.5-30 MHzComment, Hansen, R.C.10Jul 85
Phased arrays, feeding: an alternative methodShort circuit74Jul 85
Tapered vertical, calculating the input impedance ofK3OQF24Aug 85
Matching dipoles (letter)W5XW8Aug 85
Ham radio techniques (12/85)W6SAI55Dec 85
Designing Yagis with the Commodore 64N0CAO107Jan 86
Old antennas, commentsW0MBP9Feb 86
Offset drooper: an improved ground planeW6BCX43Feb 86
New class of directive antennasW4MB107Apr 86
How high should your HF antenna be?W5QJR89May 86
W2PV 80-meter quadK1GQ56May 86
Secrets of successful low-band operation: part1K2RR16May 86
Secrets of successful low-band operation: part2K2RR17Jun 86
New class of directive antennasComment, AG4R9Jul 86
Odd antennas, commentsW9RXC9Aug 86
Analyzing 80-meter delta loop arraysK1GQ10Sep 86
Two-element hf beamsG6XN8May 87
No-compromise, multiband, low VSWR dipoleGM3HAT69May 87
Ham radio techniques: time and frequency station WWVS, minibeam design, etcW6SAI37Jun 87
Ham radio techniques (07/87): 80-meter antenna, 160-meter discone antennaW6SAI57Jul 87
Designing trap antennas: a new approachW0JF60Aug 87
Ham radio techniques (09/87): antennasW6SAI57Sep 87
Ham Radio techniques: "radio ground" on 160 metersW6SAI53Mar 88
Optimizing gain on Yagi antennasK2SS21Mar 88
Shortened 40-meter four-element sloping dipole arrayOE5CWL74May 88
WBJK antenna for 40, 30 and 20 metersN6YC9May 88
Ham Radio techniques: why not a two-element YagiW6SAI36May 88
Three-band sloper for 7, 18 and 24 MHz (HN)W5FG58May 88
Quad antenna: part 1-general conceptsW4MB43May 88
Quad antenna: part 2-circular and octagonal loopsW4MB54Jun 88
Ham Radio techniques: a nifty bi-square a beam for 10 or 12 metersW6SAI68Jun 88
Elmer's notebook: ten-meter skywareW1SL90Jul 88
Quad antenna: part 3-circular loop and octagonal arraysW4MB34Aug 88
Five-band dipoleW6HPH76Sep 88
Tapered vertical, calculating the input impedance ofShort circuit78Oct 88
Two single 80-meter radiators for short and long skip (HN)YO4WU98Nov 88
Structural evaluation of Yagi elementsK5IU29Dec 88
12-Meter "Garage Plane"'AntennaW8PDV32Mar 89
Easy Antenna Access for Urban Apartment Dwellers, The Weekender:NU1N18Apr 89
Convoluted Loop, TheW5QJR89Apr 89
N5NBU "Nice But Ugly $1.29 Antenna"N5NBU39May 89
Fold wire Fed Top-Loaded Grounded VerticalK3OOF32May 89
Practically Speaking: High Frequency Dipole Antenna-pt 1K4IPV92May 89
Adding 10 MHz to the HyGain HyTowerW5UOJ38May 89
Practically Speaking: High-Frequency Dipole Antenna-pt 2K4IPV53Jun 89
NO5H All-Band DipoleNO5H82Jun 89
High Performance Duoband Yagi for 15 and 20 metersKN2M41Aug 89
Practically Speaking: Vertically Polarized HF Antennas-pt 1K4IPV71Aug 89
Vibration Induced Yagi Fatique FailuresK5IU9Aug 89
HAM Radio Techniques: The Log Periodic Antenna FamilyW6SAI20Sep 89
K4EF Long Wire Antenna DesignsK4EF32Sep 89
HF Mobile AntennaNC0B9Sep 89
Practically Speaking: Vertically Polarized HF Antennas-pt 2K4IPV45Sep 89
Three Element Vertical Driven Array For 10 MetersWB5IRI22Oct 89
Practically Speaking: Vertically Polarized HF Antennas-pt 3K4IPV81Oct 89
PV-4 on Your CommodoreWA3EKL64Oct 89
Collapsible Quad for 10-Meter HilltoppingW4RNL70Nov 89
PV-4 on Your CommodoreShort circuit64Jan 90
TH3 juniour drooping, stop your (HN)VK6SY30Feb 90
HF mobile antennas, another look at (Weekender)W5FG12Mar 90
Ham Radio Techniques: 160-meter antenna problems and solutionsW6SAI49Mar 90
The Gottingen heart antennaK3OQF11May 90
Nonresonant delta and V beam antennasKL7ISA49May 90
Helical whip for RV and mobile use (Weekender)W0BHG24May 90
Inexpensive triband mobile antenna (Weekender)AD5X62May 90
The bi-square arrayN4LBJ42May 90
Rotatable trap dipole for 12 and 17 metersKD9SV22May 90
Ground-mounted vertical antennasW7DHD, K3BN11Jun 90