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Portfolio - Website Work Examples

Spectrum Reach, 2016 — 2018

Newly Reskinned OneSpot.TV to work in tandem with new Corporate Branding.

SpotConnect - Continued

In addition, SpotConnect was reskinned (no screencaps at this time), and was further deployed across the three merged companies (Charter, BrightHouse and Time Warner Cable Media):

  • Domain Logins added for Charter Domain.
  • User base went from about 200 users to 1700.
  • Spots handled per day went from about 300 to 1200 per day.
  • One IIS Webserver, One SQL Server, 8 Oracle 12c Traffic Databases
  • Two (2) Regional MasterControl locations
  • Number of individual spots across footprint head-ends per day: 1.8 Million

SpotConnect was slated to be replaced by a Vendor application

Time Warner Cable Media, 2006 — 2016
SpotCheck - 2006

SpotCheck was invisioned as a way to communicate to our medium- and small-sized clients their spot run-times, or to answer their questions of: "when do my spots appear?", "what channel?", and "where can I see my Spots?"

Initially SpotCheck was stand-alone application consisting of two scheduled tasks (one to gather daily data from our Traffic & Billing system, a second task to send the morning emails). A market-wide Intranet provided a subscription page. The system was later migrated to be a part of our SpotConnect system. 'SpotPlan' refers to a list of today's spots for a client which can be exported and mailed to them by an AE or a Sales Assistant (without a regularly scheduled email subscription).

Status: Production!
This feature has been popular with smaller clients from 2006 to present.

DFWEvents.tv - 2006-2009

These were a set of small websites (3 or 4 pages) which were used for promotions or contests associated with On-Air advertising. Name / Address / Email / Phone information was collected, and for contests, random winners were selected at the end of the event.

Sites were standardized, and new promotions could be supported with only a day or two of turn-around, unless a domain name was required, which might involve an additional day.

All Events were hosted as: http://www.dfwevents.tv/. Some Clients chose to embed or link to the site for the contest.
Entries could be (optionally) limited in two ways:

  1. By region - Address Zipcode was examined for elegability, limiting to Texas or Viewing-Area Zip Codes
  2. Entries Per Day - Entries could be limited to once per day, per email address.

Some of the client promotions and contests included:

  • Cotton Patch Cafe & Nickelodeon — Caribbean Cruise give-away and Nickelodeon Character promotion.
  • Cavenders Christmas — Country Music give-away.
  • Empire Suzuki and BET's "106 and Park" — BET Show tie-in and trip sweepstakes
  • Eve Beauty Store and 'The Salon' — Movie premiere promotion and give-away.
  • SpeedZone and NHRA — Texas Motorplex tie-in, pit-passes, and meet n' greet with drivers.
  • Jason's Deli and Comedy Central — Trip for two with show tickets to "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report".
  • Bill Utter Ford — Caribbean trip sweepstakes
  • Private Screening of TNT's "The Closer" and "Saving Grace"
  • Arby's All Sports Weekend - sweepstakes for tickets and accommodations, but every entrant gets a (printable) Arby's Coupon.
  • Texas Ford Dealers tie-in with Food Network's "Next Food Star"
  • Gexa Energy tie-in with Dora the Explorer Sweepstakes.
  • Smithfield and Stacy Furniture tie-in with 'Meet Paula Deen' promotion.

The following are either Splash Screens or landing page images for the various sites. Sites were standardized and included Name / Address / Email / Phone entry and Submit, with optional pages for 'Too Many Entries Today' or 'Entries from Texas Only' pages. Some fields were optionally omitted.

Total number of these quick turn-around sites is around 30 over 4 years.

"City" On-Demand Websites - Turnover & Maintenance, 2007-2010

These "—OnDemand.com" Websites were built at TWCM, prior to the market swaps with Comcast in 2006. This project consists of a set of 11 websites hosted with a home-brew Content Management System (CMS) that was purpose-built by a contractor for approximately $65,000, out of the Austin region's Marketing department at that time.

My involvement was to take over for marketing's contractor, and standardize the site so it could be supported by internal IT. Originally published with Linux hosting, the site was ported to a Windows IIS host. PHP and MySQL were retained. The 'home-brew' CMS was unfinished, problematic and ultimately never updated.

Domain's included:

  1. austinondemand.com
  2. goldentriangleondemand.com - for Southeast Texas, Beaumont, etc. Alternate URL: gtondemand.com
  3. corpuschristiondemand.com
  4. whatsondfw.com
  5. elpasoondemand.com
  6. rgvondemand.com - for Rio Grande Valley
  7. kcnowondemand.com - for Kansas City
  8. laredoondemand.com
  9. lincolnondemand.com
  10. sanantonioondemand.com
  11. heartoftexasondemand.com - for Waco and Central Texas. Alternate URL: hotxondemand.com

The project is marked by consistency in design, using a common administration website where content is entered and maintained for each 'region'. Each 'region' has a slightly different theme-color, but other than that, the design and layout is uniform.

By Early 2010, most of the marketing staff had been reassigned and content ceased to be updated. All snapshots (below) are from
Archive.org and are missing some uncached images.

SpotConnect - 2009

SpotConnect is an Operations-Wide system that encompases Traffic, Master Control, Account Exec and Assistants (Sales). SpotConnect was visualized to be the central touch-point for activity within Operations, and has Role-based access for each area of Sales, Traffic, MCC and IT.

SpotConnect has a partial User Management system but, since all users are within the company, relies upon Microsoft Active Directory to manage logins. Additionally, Roles (whether a users is 'Traffic' or 'Account Exec'), and Teams (which grouping of files the users may see: 'Dallas', 'Austin', 'Region') are controlled.

Videos are matched by Traffic to Spot IDs within our Traffic & Billing system (3rd Party Vendor) and enter into a queue for Master Control (MCC). MCC validates and checks the video for quality. Rejections go back to Traffic.

Account Execs and Sales Assistants are able to communicate with their customers by viewing Traffic and MCC status. Customers may be 'subscribed' to a daily email of spot run-times.

Status: Production!
Operating Continuously since 2009. A recent new version reflects new layout and corporate graphics and the ability to access multiple Traffic & Billing systems, including 9 Oracle databases. This system processes from 300 to 400 new spots every day, peaking at over 500 per day near broadcast holidays. The system is also used for scheduling and automatically producing Digital Advertising (website ads).

SpotTransfer - 2010

SpotTranfer is a Video Upload and Delivery system, to connect TWCM Clients, Agencies, and Video-Post Producers with our Traffic Department. SpotTransfer has a complete User Administration system and offers users a way to upload a Spot (advertising) Video and monitor it's status throughout our ingest system. When the video has been ingested, a low-resolution version of the video is available to see.

Basic Upload allows up to 2 GB file sizes and requires only a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari). Advanced Upload requires an Aspera Plug-In Client and may require changes to the client's firewall, but allows for videos well over 2 GB in size.

The system augments regular FTP.

Status: Rolled out for testing in 2010, but never used due to regional IT politics. Another system put in place in the East Region. Shut down, Spring 2014. Domain: CSpotRun.tv, and later, SpotConnectOnline.com.

OneSpot.TV - 2015

OneSpot.TV is a Video Upload and Delivery system, to connect TWCM Clients, Agencies, and Video-Post Producers with our Traffic Department. This involved a rewrite to an existing system: Hotspot.TV. Principle changes were:

  • Redo the layout & graphics to be consistent with TWC appearance.
  • Connect to SpotConnect Workflow.
  • Move to a secure location and repair security issues.

Basic Upload allows up to 2 GB file sizes and requires only a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari). Advanced Upload requires an Aspera Plug-In Client and may require changes to the client's firewall, but allows for videos well over 2 GB in size.

The system augments regular FTP.

Status: Production!
The system currently handles a daily video intake of around 600 to 800 videos, peaking at Holiday seasons of Over 1200 videos. Videos are from 15 seconds to long-form (30 minutes), or from 100 MB to several GB in size.

Comcast Spotlight, 2004 — 2006
CreativeTrak - 2004-2006

CreativeTrak is an In-house Production job tracking and costing tool. Comcast Spotlight and later Time Warner Cable Media Sales (TWCMS) produces video internally for small clients or clients who did not have a Production house. Account Exec's (AEs) are allowed to enter the initial job information: Client, type of shoot, how much advertising the Client is buying.

CreativeTrak was extended in 2006 to have it's own Rate Card for each service, allowing each Job to be allocated Production costs. And Invoicing to be done for clients.

Status: In Production from 2004 to 2012. In-house producers have been let go and contractors are now directed to use a tool from a 3rd party vendor.

Polk Auto Purchase Data Business Intelligence - 2005

Polk Auto Data Business Intelligence was originally conceptualized to take advantage of research finding that Car Dealer sales were predominantly within the geographic area around the dealership. This fact played toward the breakout of Cable Advertizing into Zones. These reports take Polk Auto Sales data, including Make, Model, Dealer and Zipcode, and overlay the Cable market footprint.

Advertizing sales to local and regional car dealers went form under 10% of annual sales to over 40%. While new sales were stimulated, some sales were cannibalized from Braodcast TV.

Status: Discontinued 2010, as Marketing went in another direction.

Our401k.com, Leggette & Co. - 1997

Our401k.com was the first internet portal for Leggette & Company's 401(k) accounts. The website complemented an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) touch-tone system to check balances, change Fund allocations, and change future contributions.

Status: Site was used for about 3 years from 1997. Company was sold to DailyAccess Corporation.