RCA Institutes Ad 1930

RCA Radio Course, 1930 Edition

Or, Learn Radio and Electronics In 71 Easy Lessons.

Old Ad for RCA Institutes: 'RCA Institutes!'

The RCA Institutes was founded in 1909 by Guglielmo Marconi as the Marconi Institute (later renamed the “RCA Institutes”) and was a private post-secondary correspondence school based in Washington, D.C.David Sarnoff was an early graduate of the Marconi Institute, and was one of the founders of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Sarnoff acquired The Marconi Institute in 1919 and changed the name to RCA Institutes.

After the divisions of RCA Corporation were sold in the 1980s, RCA Institutes was separated from the company and setup as an independent educational institution that eventually changed its name to Technical Career Institutes, or TCI, currently located in mid-town Manhattan, New York. (from a TCI Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2008 ).

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