Sprayberry Academy of Radio ad in Radio Craft magazine, May 1945.

Sprayberry Radio & TV Course- 1945 Ed.

Or, “How To Learn to Repair Radios & TVs in only n Easy Lessons.”

Old Ad for Sprayberry Academy of Radio

I don’t find much history on the Sprayberry Academy of Radio, except that they were located at 111 N. Canal Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. At some point they were located in Pueblo, Colorado (or, perhaps had an office there). Another ad from 1940 puts an office in 355-J Univserity Place, N.W. Washington, D.C. Frank L. Sprayberry is listed as President (and presumably founder) Along about 1946, the school apparently began to emphasize Television repair.

There’s a pretty good short history of the Sprayberry Academy of Radio at Arcane Radio Trivia, (at tenwatts.blogspot.com). He found more than I could about this man and his school.

The booklet “No. TV-14” was originally from George Burk, by way of Rich Post, KB8TAD (the later, of Boatanchor Pix). Although I only have the one booklet, I’ll be on the lookout for more.

Many thanks to Dave Holder for allowing his copy of the 1945 edition to be scrutinized, generally pawed-upon, and eventually, scanned.

All documents open in a new window. Many thanks to ARF (AntiqueRadios.com Forum) for the genesis of the idea to gather together these old ‘home study’ courses and put them online.

UPDATE, 9/14/2012: Fixed a problem with downloading Lesson ND-1.

1945 Edition

* indicates source material was slightly damaged, resulting in a lower quality scan.
Replacement scans for the booklet(s) would be appreciated.

** indicates source material wasn’t scannable.

1946 Edition, Including TV

I only have the one issue from this series.


The “No. TV-14” booklet arrived originally scanned at 300 dpi, and although it was scanned at grayscale, the images are superior. I don’t know the original size of the booklets; for now I’ve resized them to about 6.6 inches tall by about 4.5 inches wide, screen resolution of 96 dpi.

Still working on sizing the 1945 Edition. At 150 dpi, the half-tones look pretty bad and the text ain’t much better, so I’ve moved to 300 dpi scanning.

Scanning and Preparation Tools are:
A PC running Ubuntu 12.04 on a dual-core, AMD-64 motherboard, using
Simple Scan and Scan2PDF for document assembly into PDF.
GIMP Image Editor 2.6.11 was used for any touch-up or image scaling.

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