Sprayberry Academy of Radio – Home Study Course,1945 edition

Finished scanning the Sprayberry Academy of Radio, 1945 edition of the home study course, generously shared by Dave Holder. Some of these weren’t scannable and a few were missing.

I was able to discover the names of the missing booklets from items that were listed on eBay. Perhaps someone else has these and can scan them for me (or send them to me for scanning and return by U.S. Postal Mail). To match, I’m using 300dpi scanning, greyscale. I can crop or cleanup as needed and put into an Acrobat PDF file.

2 thoughts on “Sprayberry Academy of Radio – Home Study Course,1945 edition”

  1. Hello-
    Are you still maintaining this site? I just acquired an entire stack of those Sprayberry manuals, some of which are missing from your post. I would be happy to scan and post them, I am just checking if you are out there and if you have any formatting preferences (jpeg, pdf, etc.).
    Good day,
    Michael Hunecke

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