Pickett 160, Plastic Slide Rule

UIL Slide Rule Resources

Let’s begin with the original, UIL Beginners Slide Rule Manual, which explains slide rule basics for beginners. It won’t include Log-Log scales. In addition, the contest rules regarding the ‘method of presentation’ of answers are given:

Next, one of the full slide rule tests, provided here with an answer sheet at the end.:

TieBreakers -which are just what they say they are – if a UIL slide rule contest came up with 2 or more ‘winners’, with exactly the same score, then a Tie Breaker like one of these would determine the winner. These are provided with an answer sheet at the end.

Finally, we come to “Special Tests”, nothing of which is known about how they were used – possibly for practice or demonstration? These are included here with an answer sheet at the end.

Have fun!

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